• Reliance Compliancy was established with the sole purpose to provide Content Providers, Aggregators, Merchants and Mobile Operators unparalleled access to market data and the compliancy support required to create a successful ecosystem across the mobile content and subscription industry.
  • Comprised of industry veterans originating from all areas of the value chain including Mobile Operators, Aggregators and Content Providers, Reliance Compliancy knows and understands the real life challenges of delivering and maintaining a successful campaign while abiding by and complying with local Regulatory guidelines.
  • Reliance Compliancy has a deep understanding of our business segment that is based upon an evolution acquired through first hand experience in supporting end to end successful market service deployments that have now become part of our DNA.
  • Reliance Compliancy can help deliver the balance between profitability and sustainability where others do not. Our ethos of Secure, Committed and Accountable is what we strive for in everything we do.
  • With a uniquely focused combination of software and human support Reliance Compliancy offers our customers Compliancy Monitoring, Market Insights, Market Statistics and Non Compliancy Resolution on a global basis.

Why Reliance Compliancy

A fresh approach from industry veteran founders together with a superb team of international support and project managers.

Ability to launch and grow a new territory quickly and seamlessly for our clients.

Excellent software interface focused on rapid resolution, market data and insights.

A deep knowledge on international markets with a presence unmatched in the industry.

Competitive pricing designed to give our clients choices and empowerment over their business.

Partnership approach leveraging and combining knowledge transfer with the long term goal of supporting the success and revenue assurance of our client.